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Pertois-Lebrun Derriere le Mont Aigu No12

100% Chardonnay from the vineyard of its name, pure 2012, d/g 1/2020, 2g/ltr.
I first had the opportunity to try this, disgorged a la volee of course, at the maison back in December 2018. I sat with Antoine and Clement discovering the then unreleased new ensemble. It was a breathtaking day and completely opened my eyes to what these guys could achieve. Back in 2018 this wine was far too young! Loads of clean, crisp flavours but it had not broadened out. Yet.
Today, however is another story. This wine is a triumph. It creates a beautiful balance between the chalky, saline aspects that you expect from this terroir and this delicious and moreish fruitiness. With ample aromatic goodness chucked in just for fun!
The nose gives loads of chalky and lemon with this incredible energy that really captures you.
On first sip you are pulled right in with that zesty energy and this mouth watering salinity and fruit.
The mid palate expands brilliantly and leads to this beautiful little dollop of butter and this grippy, lemony mid to late. What grabs you more than anything though is the fabulously engaging texture that really wins on the back end.
As to be expected the finish wraps it up perfectly collecting the fruit and bringing more salinity to the fore.
Some wines were so obvious for selection for Sip that I barely needed to think about it. This was one!
Jump across to @sip_champagnes and grab yourself a bottle or two. It is epic.
Peter Crawford