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Hughes Godme

Hughes Godme
Surely the only way to battle through these crisp, cold winter days is to drink, sorry, I mean taste great Champagne!?

I've been a follower of Godme's wines for some time ever since trying them @aubonmanger and have found a few of them quite captivating so when a case arrived I had to investigate! He has been certified biodynamic since 2006 and works with mainly Pinot Noir from vineyards in Verzy and Verzenay using oak in various.

Blanc de Noirs
55% reserve, 40% Oak, 2013, d/g 1/20.
Lovely buttery entrance with a lean sweetness. Almost confected notes of strawberry. Palate is narrow and carries a nice aromatic and engaging aspect to it. Good complexity.

Millesime 2009
60/40 PN/Chd, 45% Oak, d/g 11/19.
Now we are talking! Really charming, creamy nose with brioche completely capturing you. The palate is vertical, warm and enchanting. Bright, fresh and light. Honey, toffee apple. Lovely balance. So long. I am desperate now to try some older vintages in magnum... @champagnehuguesgodme can you help out!?

35/65 Chd/PN, 40% Oak, d/g 11/19.
Delicate nose with burnt fruit. Some strawberry and a nice soft entrance followed by an electric palate! Faint vegetal notes and an elegant mouthfeel. Quite vinous.

Fins Bois
40/60 Chd/PN, 80% Oak, d/g 9/19.
You feel the hike in Oak on the nose creating some sharp, angular aspects to it. Some vanilla and a touch of toast, aromatic elements and then a lovely mid palate weight and delivery. Dark and salty on the mid to late with a real step up in quality and mouthfeel. This is seriously good.

Les Champs Saint Martin 2010
100% Oak, d/g 10/19.
Smokey nose. Loads of concentration. Cream, toffee. Lovely texture. Notes of plum and a delightful play of sugar leading to a serious finish. Good but it never quite hits the height that I feel it should...
Peter Crawford