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2006 “Charles Heidsieck” - Blanc des Millénaires⁣.

This post is inspired by the latest tasting note of my friend Stas @wine_talks_club about 2006 “Charles Heidsieck” - Blanc des Millénaires⁣. While I was reading his comments I recalled my impressions about the cuvée. So, I was telling myself that it was so well written, so true and so matched with my feelings, that to verify it I went down to my IG feed to check the tasting note I had posted. And I found… nothing 🤦‍♂️⠀

Come on! The house where I went to in June as soon as the lockdown in Belgium was over. There are a handful of houses I’d have crawled across the border to get to right in the wild forest even if the roads were still blocked. The house that is so emblematic for their fans that it even has its own hashtag/descriptor #SoCharles . The house that released the latest vintage 2006 (that I truly adore at this point of evolution) of their emblematic cuvée “Blanc des Millénaires⁣” that I love so much and wanted to taste it as soon as the first rumours leaked. And, yet, I messed it up in my Instagram. ⠀

What can I say about it? I can only say that Stas nailed it to the point. Great minds think alike (yes, I’ve always been a shy person, you should already know it by now). I could’ve copy-pasted his notes and put my signature underneath. Instead, I’ll address you to the post of my partner in crime at @bubbles_academy_riga and let you read the original. ⠀

But if you want to have a really short summary, then it would be “Buy, Forest, buy!” I’ll copy-paste his conclusion “So let's enjoy 2006 for the next 5 years…”, probably, only adding "at least", otherwise, being completely in agreement with that. And now I'll let you read the rest by yourself. The original is always better that the copy ;)