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Thierry Fournier

Thierry Fournier
Another brand spanking new producer!
Julien heralds from the village of Festigny in the Marne and is a 5th generation winemaker working mainly with Meunier but, as you'll read later, has a few choice plots of Chardonnay to boot!

80/10/10 M/PN/Chd, 2015 base, 40% reserve, 6g/ltr.
Fruity, singular nose with a chalky charm. The entrance is graceful with a good level of lateral bitterness. This pithy play does feel a touch too vegetal and plays alongside a rather simple sugar note. I left it a day to see how that would integrate but it seemed to divide a touch.

50/50 M/Chd, 2013 base, 10% perpetual reserve, 6g/ltr.
Warm and buttery up front. Very delicate entrance and this chalky and toasty follow up. There is a really nice lift of sweetness on the finish. Creamy and straight.

100% Chardonnay, 2012 base, 20% reserve, 6g/ltr.
Now we're talking! The nose shows a real hike in complexity and joy. Lovely elements of butter alongside some bitter elements. On first sip there is a wonderful biscuit element alongside that butter bringing this almost Charles'esque touch. Hints of toffee, nuts and a warm and round palate marry really nicely with sweet lemon peel. The finish wraps it up with a pleasant salty touch with hints of caramel and liquorice.
I really enjoyed this.

80/20 M/Chd, 6% red wine, 2015 base.
A nice soft pink with a touch of burnt orange. The nose is fruity which follows nicely on the front end. Plenty of texture. Loads of redberries and an engaging style and depth. I was impressed with how it held the level of structure and vinosity without losing that lovely touch of sweet fruit. Nice crisp finish too!
Peter Crawford