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Champagne Radar

Tarlant La Martinale 2003

🌜Frost in spring followed by hot summer, we started the harvest in the end of August. It was a difficult condition as the sun was strong & to keep the acidity, we had to pick grapes early in the morning. That's why we decided to name this cuvée ✨ La Martinale ✨ or The Morning🌛I repeat the voice of Benoît in my head.

On the Left Bank of the Marne River in the village of Œuilly, the 12th generation brother-sister growers of Benoît & Mélanie make exciting wines that challenge our perception of what Champagne is & what Champagne can be. And their vintage collection brings our attention to different years by highlighting the characteristics of each harvest. 2003 is made of 45% Pinot Noir, 28% Chardonnay & 27% Meunier aged on the lees for 10 years. As generous ripe fruits of the tropical side showcase the warmth of the year, the vibrant acidity of clear focus keeps the impeccable balance leaving traces of salinity while notes of honey, wild camomile & bee wax add intriguing elements to the palate & to the mind.

Just like great history books take us to different times through their words, @tarlant vintage collection lets us travel time through different senses expressed in a glass & it gives us the opportunity to respect what nature brings each year 🌝