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Remi Leroy Blanc de Noirs 2013

Pure Pinot Noir, 1g/ltr, d/g 10/18.
A fabulous meeting, online, with @rleroychampagne chatting about his fantastic wines. I chose to open this cracker. 2013 has turned out to be a fantastic vintage and this, with 2 years of post disgorgement ageing, is just coming into its own.

The nose shows a smorgasbord of fruit flavours, focusing on the crushed blueberries and blackcurrant. It is just starting to develop a lovely toasty feel that will no doubt grow with another year or so.

The first sip is tense, salty and crisp but as you let the wine in it gives you more and more fruit, layered alongside some delicious slightly burnt orange peel.

There is ample round weight on the mid to late but I love how tense and tight it all feels right now. It is like it is ready to explode!

The finish shows a really good balance demonstrating just how much can be brought to the table with just with 1g/ltr.

Thank you Remi for tonight! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
Peter Crawford