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Oliver Horiot En Valingrain 2015

🌝 Sometimes called ✨Blanc Vrai✨, Pinot Blanc is a curious variety which makes a surprise guest appearance in a handful of wines from Champagne with & without bubbles. Being more resistant to frost than Chardonnay, the majority of this grape in the region is planted in the Côte des Bar & it's known to have big berries with notes of flower & honey. And here’s a bottle of Coteaux Blanc made from a blend of Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay by 
@horiotolivier in Les Riceys where different types of soils rest on earth like an intricate patchwork of details, directions & distinctions.

Coming from the lieu-dit site of ✨En Valingrain✨ that faces south on a combination of marls & Kimmeridgian limestone, this unique white wine presents you generous fruits of soft pear & bright tangerine that stretch freely across the palate as the vibrant acidity of lemon & green apple takes a focused walk of precision along with cooling salinity of wet stones under ocean wave & attractive scents of wildflowers in bloom. Production of this wine is tiny (I think around 500 bottles) but there is nothing small about its big personality that welcomes you friendlily & intelligently with a hint of mystery in a glass 🔮