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Champagne Radar


As many of my followers know I am a big fan of this fabulous producer from Fleury la Riviere. They focus on Meunier and seem to capture such a brilliant side of the grape. Added to that they age like legends. So when these two new wines arrived in the post, one a brand new Rose the other a staggering lees aged NV I couldn't help myself. So, with my wife screaming in my ear that the Christmas tree needs done I put my Champagne tasting hat on and got to work. 'Cause that's what I do best...

Demiere Oenoteck No.1

A monster 162 months of lees ageing! Pure Meunier. ?2006 base.
A warming hug of a wine on the nose. Honey, buttered toast, nutty, pastry and orange peel. The texture is delightfully creamy but is has this brilliant prickly saline bite on the mid to late that lifts the finish perfectly. There is a glorious fresh energy to the that, juxtaposed with the maturity creates this beguiling palate.
I wish more producers did this. It is everything I love about Champagne!

Demiere Egreg'Or Rose

Saignee, 100% Meunier, 2016.
Absurdly fresh in comparison. A deep Ruby red with a hint of blood red in there. Violets, honey and a playful fruitiness up front. The palate has a compact structure. Vinous, central and holding. The wine seems so controlled in comparison to the Blanc. As it opens the mid develops more playful fruits. Strawberry, blackcurrant and sweet grapefruit. I feel this needs a year or two more to broaden on the mid but I'm excited to see what happens.
Now, off to do that tree...but with a glass in my hand!
Peter Crawford