Champagne Radar

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Champagne Radar

Champagne is the wine to celebrate your best moments.

#Champagne is the wine to celebrate your best moments. And past weekend was probably the best champagne moment I ever had.⁣

I'm so thankful to all those champagne enthusiasts I have met this time and some rare bottles we have shared together. That was the ultimate hedonistic pleasure!⁣

I often think of champagne as of an Art. It sparks deep emotions, triggers meaningful and thought provoking conversations. With only difference that classic art you can revisit if you want. Paintings and sculptures you can see over and over, music you can listen to or cinema you can watch endless times. But once you open the bottle of champagne and experience it, it's gone... ⁣

So short moment, but lifelong memories!⁣

I will leave with you this hipnotising and magnetic view over captivating and breathtaking Champagne autumn vineyards. I trust it will be impossible for you to resist its magic spell and you will fall in love with Champagne once and forever!
Stas Medvedev