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Jérôme of Champagne Delalot

🎨 « I would have been an art critic & curator if not working as a Champagne grower» says Jérôme of Champagne Delalot who has left his life in academia of contemporary art in Paris after falling in love with the art & science of Champagne making in the village of Charly-sur-Marne. As colorful & lively as his wine labels, listening to this energetic producer of talent & dedication is like being a front-row seat of rockstar concert while hypnotized by brilliant words of a philosopher.

Jérôme tends 1.07 ha of vines almost entirely by hands with help from animals & a collection of plants, which he transforms to essential oils, teas & special concoctions in place of harsh chemicals so that he can respect the sustainability of the environment. Equally compassionate is his approach in the cellar. Just like an artist uses creativity & intuition to paint a canvas with different shades & shapes, he pays great attention to details in order to craft his singular wines of individual charm & intelligence that radiate magnetically in a glass like a full moon 🌝

📝 P.s. According to our recent correspondence, this talented artist hinted some exciting upcoming announcements 🤫 • 📸 The last picture - Jérôme of Champagne Bourgeois-Diaz & Jérôme of Champagne Delalot 💫