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Domaine Roussaux-Batteux

Domaine Roussaux-Batteux
Another maison seen on IG that I have been desperate to try. This time through the fantastic account of @neshsimic
Verzenay Grand Cru 'Les Grandes Voyettes'
2015, d/g 7/20, 2g/ltr.
First up a blend of PN/Chd. Lovely nose combining a strictness alongside plenty of honeysuckle and dried bramble. Hints of strawberry. The initial palate shows a vertical tension that holds well throughout but narrows the finish a touch. Smokey, moreish, warm.
Louvois Grand Cru 'Le Mont'
2015, d/g 6/19 2g/ltr, 100% PN.
Much sweeter and more generous on the nose with a dollop of fresh strawberry. The palate is so much more creamy and saline adding several more layers of complexity. I really enjoyed the way the saltyness lifted on the mid palate.
The finish collects really well adding loads of tropical fruits. Melon, apricot and mandarin. This is a delicious Champagne. Textured, toasty and juicy.
Verzy Grand Cru Rose de Saignee 'Les Champs Brules'
2016, d/g 6/20, 6g/ltr, 100% PN.
Wonderful deep rose hue. Pert nose full of stewed cherries and dried red fruits. Slightly inky.
There is a pleasant singular dimension to the palate but it never quite fully draws in the whole way.
But seriously, look at that colour!
Not photographed but well worth a mention is the Millesime 2014. A 60/40 blend of Pinot and Chardonnay. Lovely exotic nose with loads of toast, vanilla, toffee and salt. Nice concentration and fabulous length.
Peter Crawford