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Champagne Radar

Champagne Agrapart Terroirs⁣

May I wish you all a very good morning and great start to a new day!⁣

Treat yourself with a relaxed hedonistic breakfast. I guarantee it will charge your positive energy to a maximum level for the rest of the day.⁣

Save your favourite tête de cuvée for the weekend to celebrate a well deserved break after a business week and open something good for Thursday. ⁣

I chose chalky mineral artisan Blanc de Blancs extra brut from Grand Crus of Côte des Blancs: Avize, Oiry, Oger and Cramant.⁣

🍾 Champagne Agrapart Terroirs⁣
Still fresh after recently disgorged in May this year. Foamy thick mousse full of energy of miriads of bubbles bursting. Toasty aromas which paired nicely with fresh bread and creamy french butter. Razor sharp acidity cuts every grain of salmon caviar marrying with umami flavour. Poached egg over rucola mix with cherry tomatoes and sliced cured salmon filet. ⁣

Simply delicious!⁣
Stas Medvedev