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Guillaume Selosse champagnes

Recalling recent tasting that I organized for my friends in wine.⁣
These 2 bottles of Guillaume S. were hard to find. Scarcity and high demand got the prices skyrocket.⁣

I was very curious to see how different the style of Guillaume from Anselme.⁣
I tried to reach out to @Guillaume_selosse several times with no success. Unfortunately, I don't know him in person yet.⁣

So I am still lacking the details, maybe those from my network could help to complete the puzzle.⁣

🍾Au dessus du Gros Mont (🏅96+) is BdB Chardonnay and 🍾Largillier (🏅98) is BdN Pinot Noir.⁣

The story goes that BdB is made of own grapes from this tiny lieu-dit in Cramant which he received for his 18 birthday from his grandmother. The vines are quite old. Guillaume started with 2008 vintage, but didn't bottle it and kept it as the reserve wine. The first release was the blend of '09 and '08 reserve. The bottle that we opened was disgorged in May 2018. I still don't know whether it is the original blend of '08 and '09 or more recent vintages. Total production quantity is minimal, somewhat around 650 bottles.⁣

Wine is made in oxidative style which is the signature of Selosse family. It did remind me Initial, however terroir is different. Intense aromas of apples, creamy fudge and touch of cinnamon. Fresh and vibrant. It should be dosed with minimum sugar. My guess is around 2g/l.⁣

As far as I understand Largillier is monopole lieu-dit of Guillaume's friend Jerome Coessens in Ville-sur-Arce. Mix of clay and limestone. Wine is vinified in large oak tonneaux giving it this micro oxidation vaccination. It is aged for at least 36 months on its lees. Our wine was disgorged in August 2017. So I assume it was blend of 2012 and 2013 vintages. Total production of 3500 bottles.⁣

Massive powerful wine. Ripe to overripe fruits, strong oxidation and full body. Almost like eating apple strudel.⁣

I am very positively impressed with both wines. I do favour Largillier though. I think it was outstanding. That is no doubt a super star debut and I am very happy for Selosse brand now being in a very capable hands.⁣
Stas Medvedev