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Champagne Radar

2012 Louis Roederer et Philippe Starck Cumières Brut Nature and 2008 Robert Moncuit Le Mesnil Les Chétillons

I’ve been served the 2012 Roederer et Philippe Starck Brut Nature without showing the label. On the nose wine is inviting thanks to maturity of fruit in the solar 2012 and while obviously dry on palate, it is balanced. Even better than the two previous releases. Fresh with overtones of citrus fruit and green apple with oyster juice salinity in taste. Even though it is a Non-Dosé made without malo it feels less acidic due to lower pressure of just 4 atmospheres, at the same time it appeared shorter in finish than the majestic biodynamic Cristal of the same year. It is about the texture here. With organic and biodynamic farming 
louisroederer_  is now far ahead of most négociants in Champagne and it is correct to account - more attractive to the young progressive generation.

2008 is famous for its balance of ripeness and acidity. The 2008 Robert Moncuit Le Mesnil Les Chétillons has an incredibly high acidity, which reminds me of the famous 1996 wines. I’ve tried this Blanc de Blancs several times now. Knowing that acidity is the most stable element I don’t expect it to go anywhere. Only the fruit profile will change over time. Today fruit are utterly fresh, nothing dried or cooked - freshly squeezed lime juice, lemon juice, quince, sea salt. Since it’s so apparently acidic, it feels very long too. Made avoiding malolactic fermentation, it should age without signs of maderization. It will be interesting to assess how the balance will change once the fruit begin to mature.
Kristaps Karklins