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Champagne Radar

Embarrassingly amateur drawing I made 3 years ago

💔 Embarrassingly amateur drawing I made 3 years ago after being heartbroken witnessing the frost damage of spring 2017. Good vintage, bad vintage, great vintage, terrible vintage - I used to think & speak vintage like a grade report from school. But everything changed after seeing & feeling what it was like from the perspective of growers during that spring visit. To make good champagne, these people put their time & effort & do anything they can to grow healthy grapes. So what do you do when you lose what you have worked hard to create because of mother nature? And how do you cope with a loss like that?

As much as it was not easy to process, this experience also taught me to respect & appreciate the work of growers more than ever before & it made me want to find ways to connect the disconnect which led me to create this piece to honor the number of different hats producers wear. And this became the beginning of the book project. It sounds paradoxical but I feel like some of the important learning come from the time of struggles & challenges if we decide to accept the reality & focus on what we can 💪 #ChampagneBookProject📖🍾