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Top 25 Wine Podcasts and YouTube channels. Part 1

Please welcome the ultimate collection of 20 wine podcasts and 5 YouTube channels.
Bubbles Academy carefully selected for you 120+ episodes on sparkling wines and champagnes.

Learn about the different styles of sparkling wines and discover various wine regions. Deep dive into traditional method of wine making and explore the terroirs of Champagne. Listen to the interviews of chefs de caves and hear directly from the growers. Watch educational videos and masterclasses brought to you by renowned experts, wine journalists, sommeliers and wine enthusiasts.

Over a hundred hours of bubbly audio and video content to spark your interest and comfort your lockdowns during the winter holidays.


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Top 5 Wine Video Channels

Below you will find channels' brief descriptions and direct links to the selected sparkling episodes.

67 Pall Mall
67 Pall Mall — is probably the most well-known wine club in the world, renowned for its unique tastings and the constellation of top wine experts on the planet and the winemakers themselves who deliver master-classes for club members. 67 Pall Mall started a series of virtual events and collected several hundreds of videos to watch. 

Sparkling Episodes

Making a toast to Champagne
There is always an excuse to drink Champagne, so acquiring a little extra knowledge on the subject will always prove useful…
Join our Head of Wine, Ronan Sayburn, as he explore the history of the region, the geology, climate and the technical processes involved in the production of this famous wine.

Discover Charles Heidsieck style and its take on Chardonnay
Join Cyril Brun, Charles Heidsieck Chef de Caves for an in depth masterclass to understand what makes “Charles” so recognisable and to discover the House’s take on Chardonnay with Blanc de Blancs non-vintage and Blanc des Millénaires 2004.

A contemporary look at the Traditional Method Brad Greatrix 
Brad Greatrix plans to talk about the history of Nyetimber and ESW, the pioneering steps of Nyetimber and certain aspects of the winemaking where appropriate.

Champagne Ruinart — oxidation vs reduction in Champagne making 
Frédéric has chosen a bottle of 2007 Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Champagne, France to accompany this tasting.

Champagne Taittinger 
Comtes de Champagne is Taittinger’s much acclaimed Prestige Cuvée. Clovis Taittinger will join us from Reims to tell the story of this coveted wine, talk about the recent vintages of the Blanc de Blancs — 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, what is to come and what makes it so special, along with some of his own personal insights. The Blanc de Blancs 2007 will be available to enjoy during the masterclass and for you to taste along with Clovis, at home.

Champagne Côte des Blancs 
Peter Liem is one of the world’s best critics of Champagne, Author of, Champagne: The Definitive Guide to the Wines, Producers, and Terroir of the Iconic Region
He will be providing a brief overview of the region, talking about what distinguishes it from other areas in Champagne in terms of geography and geology, and then briefly discuss the terroirs of each of its villages, detailing how the wines of each have their own distinctive identities and personalities

Ruinart Rosé : History in the making 
It is a pleasure to welcome Frédéric this Friday to guide members through the iconic Ruinart Champagne. Ruinart was founded in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart in the city of Reims, the year after a Royal Decree in 1728 whereby Louis XV gave his consent for sparkling wines to be shipped in baskets containing 50 to 100 bottles. This opened the gates of Europe to champagne and thus makes Ruinart the oldest Champagne House.

The New Order of Spanish Sparkling Wine 
Most wine lovers are familiar with the Spanish sparkling wine and its centre of production, Penedès, lies in the northeastern corner of Spain. 
When most people think of Cava, the big brands spring to mind — however high-quality, limited-production sparkling wines are now raising the bar… 
Join Heidi, as she takes us through the vines of Spain’s answer to sparkling wine.

Sussex Sparkling wine with Rathfinny Wine Estate Owners
Marking the 10-year anniversary of the establishment of the Wine Estate, Rathfinny is proud to announce the release of its first signature-style vintage 2016 Classic Cuvée, completing its line-up of prestige vintage Sussex Sparkling wines.
Rathfinny Estate, located on a wonderful south-facing slope in East Sussex, was established in 2010 by husband and wife team Mark and Sarah Driver on the site of a working arable farm. Ten years later, it is now producing Sussex Sparkling wine that rival the world’s finest Traditional Method sparkling wines.
The launch of the 2016 Classic Cuvée, a blend of 57% Pinot Noir, 22% Chardonnay and 21% Pinot Meunier, aged for 36-months in the bottle, represents a significant milestone for the grower-producer, based in the South Downs National Park, completing its full range of Sussex Sparkling wines.
It takes its place alongside the release of the 2016 Blanc de Blancs, 2016 Blanc de Noirs and 2017 Rosé Brut, all of which are produced under strict Sussex PDO guidelines and the supervision of French winemaker, Jonathan Médard, originally from Epernay, Champagne.
Join Mark and Sarah on this webinar reflecting on the journey they have taken to establish Rathfinny 10 years ago to releasing their full product range in 2020.

Garden of England and meet the people behind Kent’s diverse wine scene England is one of the most dynamic and exciting wine regions in the world, with Kent boasting the most favourable climate for viticulture in the country and terroir that is second to none. Well-renowned for producing fruit of the highest quality, Kent is home to some of the world’s most exciting winemakers and a mass of stunning English vineyards. 
The Wine Garden of England is a partnership between seven of Kent’s top wine producers (Balfour Hush Heath Estate, Biddenden, Chapel Down, Gusbourne, Simpsons Wine Estate, Squerryes and Domaine Evremond) united by their passion for winemaking and a desire to welcome visitors and share their stories. From the game-changers who are shaping the future of English wine to stylish boutique wineries and family businesses steeped in tradition, each member of the partnership has many fascinating stories to share. 
Whilst Kent is well known for excellent sparkling wines, its growing still wine production is now attracting increasing attention. This webinar will be a unique opportunity to taste a diverse range of still wines produced in Kent with a panel of founding members from the Wine Garden of England. 
Mark Harvey — Chapel Down 
Charles Simpson — Simpsons Wine Estate 
Richard Balfour-Lynn — Balfour Hush Heath Estate 
Charlie Holland — Gusbourne

Taittinger And His Craft Champagne, Uncorking Change In The Industry
In Champagne, your reputation can be judged solely by your history, and although the three Frerejean Taittinger brothers have centuries of family history, Maison Frerejean Frères has little to speak of. However, Rudolph aims to shake up the world of champagne, and wishes to be judged by what’s in the bottle, rather than the age on the label. 
Rodolphe’s small scale production works with only classified Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They work with a minimum of 6 years lees-ageing across all cuvées, and production is overseen by Chef de Cave Didier Pierson, a 5th-generation champagne maker from Avize. Accolades include a scoring of 18/20 by Jancis Robinson MW for their 2006 Frerejean Frères, Extra Brut and 2012 Cuvée des Hussards was recently awarded a Platinum 97/100 by Decanter International. 
Join Rodolphe Frerejean Taittinger and Didier Pierson for a glass of 2012 Cuvée des Hussards, Premier Cru, and find out how they plan to continue re-writing the Champagne rules.

Champagne Philippe-Gonet 
We invite Members to join Chantal Gonet, the 7th-generation custodian of this family House, live from Paris for an apéritif this Sunday. 
Chantal will talk us through these fascinating, individual wines focusing on what makes Philippe-Gonet so unique as an independent ‘grower’ & Family House, with vineyards in truly exceptional sites such as Le Mesnil Sur Oger and Montgeux predominantly. 
You may be familiar with names such as Salon in Le Mesnil (their neighbour) and Jacques Lassaigne in Montgeux, two of the most prominent names in Champagne. Philippe-Gonet may be less familiar, but it is a true hidden gem of Champagne, so I do hope you can join us for a glass or two…

Krug Connect: Krug Grande Cuvée and concept of Edition 
There are few names that immediately evoke the luxury and pleasure that is Champagne. This event extends us the privilege to virtually present Champagne’s most evocative name: Krug. 
Krug Grande Cuvée is the archetype of Krug’s philosophy of craftsmanship and savoir faire: a blend of more than 120 wines from ten or more years. It results from a stay of at least six years on its lees; it’s the only prestige cuvée re-created each year, beyond the very notion of vintage. 
Olivier is the sixth generation of his family to curate the legacy of Joseph Krug, the House’s Founder and we are delighted to welcome Olivier to the virtual stage, who will guide Members through these spectacular champagnes and shine some light on the ‘Edition’ concept.

Boutique and Small Estate Champagne — The New Wave 
Champagnes from single domaines (called ‘grower’ champagne) and from a handful of revered and family-owned boutique houses are leading the charge to reform Champagne’s viticulture, and make wines which reflect their locality and the origins of the grapes which make each bottle. They share a passion for champagne to be seen and judged as real wine, and they are all independent, family affairs. 
Boutique and Small Estate Champagne — The New Wave with Tim Hall 
This year marks the fifth anniversary of our New Wave Champagne event, the annual London showcase for houses at the forefront of champagne production, giving centre stage to elite growers and Champagne houses. Watch this space, as New Wave Champagne, co-hosted by Tim Hall will soon evolve into The Champagne Top 100 later in the year…

Champagne and English Sparkling Wine with Richard Bampfield MW and The Finest Bubble 
Can we always taste the difference between Champagne and English sparkling wine? Or between blanc de blancs and blanc de noirs? And what should be the difference in taste between white and rosé Champagne? All these questions will be addressed by Richard Bampfield — Master of Wine, Club member and past winner of the European Champagne Ambassador title. 
Join us as we taste the differences between Champagne and top English sparkling wine, between blanc de blancs and blanc de noirs and between white and rosé. 
The wines have been selected by Champagne specialists, The Finest Bubble, who have organised a number of innovative Champagne events at the Club and who, rather wonderfully, offer a 2 hour delivery service for thirsty Londoners. 
The wines being tasted are: 
Champagne Pierre Gimonnet “Gastronome” Blanc de Blancs 2014 — The Gimonnet family can trace their family roots in Champagne to 1750 and are famed for producing outstanding blanc de blancs. 
Rathfinny Blanc de Noirs Brut 2015 — Sussex, England — No English wine has been released to as much anticipation as those from Rathfinny. Remarkable to think that this is their first vintage. 
Champagne Charles Heidsieck Rosé Reserve Brut — Charles Heidsieck can stake a reasonable claim to be the wine trade’s favourite non-vintage Champagne — as outstanding as a rosé as a white.

To Courage & Curiosity: A Zoom Adventure through the World of Digby Fine English
What does it take to seek to make a world-class bottle of fizz? How do you make England famous for fizz abroad? How can we enjoy this summer’s great events without being able to go to them? How can we keep our chins up and even make new friends during these strange times?Digby Fine English is one of the most innovative and prestigious English sparkling wine producers. Based in Arundel, the gateway to English Wine Country in Sussex, the Digby team has a combined passion of sharing their love of excellence with their guests, whether virtual or in person at their fabulous Tasting Room, along with savouring the little moments in life and having a good giggle. Serious yet fun, harkening after building new traditions, but being at the cutting edge of modernity in the world of wine.Join Trevor Clough, Digby Fine English’s CEO and Head Blender, as he answers all these burning questions and guides us through a flight of Digby’s most loved wines.

House of Arras 
The House of Arras was established by Australia’s most awarded sparkling winemaker, Ed Carr, with the intention to craft world-class sparkling wines. Carr sources fruit from a handful of outstanding vineyards in southern Tasmania and on Tasmania’s south-east coast. Each location bestows its own nuances of character on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir fruit. 
Many individual parcels are woven together to create the final blend, each bringing its own profound character. The art of blending sparkling wine is one that can only be mastered after years of experience, garnered by Ed Carr in his extensive winemaking journey. 
The signature components of Arras wines are complexity and depth. From the EJ Carr Late Disgorged and Grand Vintage to the Blanc de Blancs and the Brut Elite, The House of Arras range embodies the philosophy of Ed Carr, to craft wines with complexity and character, and that express their age and their origin.

Franciacorta “The Italian sparkling wine “ 
Thanks to a pioneering man named Guido Belrucchi, the first bottle of Franciacorta was made in 1961. Since then they have made their mark in the wine world bringing this beautiful wine region based in the north of Italy near the lake of Iseo at the feet of the Alps, to the forefront of Italian sparkling wine production. 
Please join 67 Pall Mall Sommelier and Franciacorta native, Federico Moccia and special guest host, Franciacorta Consortium President, Silvano Brescianini, as we journey through the most influential Italian region for sparkling wine and the traditional methods they incorporate still today.

Champagne’s smartest buy: Delamotte Blanc de Blancs
For any fan of Blanc de Blancs champagne, Delamotte are one of the best buys — for a very special reason.Their 2012 vintage includes fruit from the acclaimed Salon champagne vineyard, which was not made in that year. Consequently, it offers a glimpse of one of the greatest champagnes at a fraction of the price.

Champagne Bollinger introduce the release of a new cuvée: Bollinger PN 
Champagne Bollinger: Eminent, distinctive, and distinguished fine wines of Champagne since 1829. Guaranteed through the integrity of a resolutely independent family house in Aÿ and through the artisanal know-how of people dedicated to growing and blending excellence. Devotion extending beyond the wines to support a sustainable environment and integration with local communities. 
The first in a series, each release showcasing a different cru from the base year that highlights its unique taste. 
A cuvée developed over many years, Bollinger PN, made exclusively from Pinot Noir, has been crafted by the House to express its unique vision of this specific grape variety. It is the first Champagne to be added to the permanent Bollinger range since Bollinger Rosé was launched back in 2008. The inaugural focus of the first edition in the new collection is VZ15, which explores the unique interpretation of Pinot Noir from Verzenay 2015 .

Vinous Live!
Vinous Live! — YouTube channel of Vinous, leading wine publication. Vinous’s team of renowned critics and writers offers in depth coverage of new releases, retrospectives and verticals of older wines, videos with winemakers, interactive maps, restaurant recommendations and more, all published in a continual, daily stream of articles. 

Sparkling Episodes

Vinous Live! with Rodolphe Péters (Champagne Pierre Péters) Vinous Live! with Olivier Krug (Champagne Krug) 

Vinous Live! with Clovis & Vitalie Taittinger (Taittinger)

Vinous Live! with Vincent Chaperon (Dom Perignon) 

Vinous Live! with Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon (Roederer) 

Wine With Jimmy — Youtube Channel for great video content specifically designed to assist you with your WSET Award in Wine qualification studies. New content is posted weekly to help you demystify all aspects of these rigorous qualifications.

Sparkling Episodes

Understanding Sparkling Wine for WSET L3 Part 1 — Introduction, Styles and Sweetness Levels 
Chief Taster and owner of West London Wine School, South London Wine School and Streatham Wine House, Jimmy Smith, takes you through an Introduction to sparkling wines for WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Here you will learn about an introduction to this category all with Jimmy’s tuition. 
This the first video in a six-part series on sparkling wines, with the first four videos available as free content and the last two videos available to members only on Jimmy Smith’s e-learning portal.

Understanding Sparkling Wine for WSET L3 Part 2 — Traditional Method
Chief Taster and owner of West London Wine School, South London Wine School and Streatham Wine House, Jimmy Smith, takes you through PART 2 of Sparkling Wines for WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Here you will learn about the traditional method, with plenty of pictures and a working written theory question all with Jimmy’s tuition.

Understanding Sparkling Wine for WSET L3 Part 3 — Champagne 
Chief Taster and owner of West London Wine School, South London Wine School and Streatham Wine House, Jimmy Smith, takes you through the decadent Champagne region for WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Here you will learn about an introduction to this category all with Jimmy’s tuition including annotated geographical maps, Google Earth video, grape infographics and the all-important short written question that Jimmy works through for you.

Understanding Sparkling Wine for WSET L3 Part 4 — Cava, Cremant and Other Traditional Method 
Chief Taster and owner of West London Wine School, South London Wine School and Streatham Wine House, Jimmy Smith, takes you through the other traditional method sparkling wines for WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Here you will learn about Cava, Cremant and other new world examples all with Jimmy’s tuition and the all-important short written question that Jimmy works through for you. 

Gusbourne with winemaker Charlie Holland — Part 1 
This is the first tasting in a two part series with Gusbourne Estate winemaker Charlie Holland, as we taste through the elegant Blanc de Blancs 2014, the wonderful Brut Reserve 2016 and the sumptuous Chardonnay 2017.

Gusbourne with winemaker Charlie Holland Part 2 
This is the second tasting in a two part series with Gusbourne Estate winemaker Charlie Holland, as we taste through the rich Blanc de Noirs, the Brut Rose and the sumptuous Pinot Noir 2018.

The Unknown Winecaster — YouTube channel by CSW, FWS, WSET 3 brings you information on all things wine, the vine and the grape. Last updated in 2019, but the library has about 120+ videos.

Sparkling Episodes

Winecast: Franciacorta
A cast on one of the most critically acclaimed sparkling wine regions you may sadly have never heard of.

Winecast: Prosecco
More detail on Italy’s most famous sparkling wine.

Winecast: Traditional Method Sparkling Wines
A look at the world’s most famous way to make a sparkling wine. 

Winecast: Champagne, Part I
A little history on how Champagne ended up covered in bubbles.Winecast: 
Champagne, Part II 
There’s a lot that has to happen to get all those bubbles in there. 

Winecast: Charmat Method
There’s more than one way to get bubbles into a bottle.

Winecast: The Ancestral Method and Pét-Nats 
Back to bubbles in the bottle. 

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) — official YouTube channel presents informative and educational videos to help you learn more about wine, spirits and sake, as well as more about WSET and what they do.

Sparkling Episodes

Discover Champagne with Lauren Denyer DipWSET 

Discover Prosecco with Neil Phillips, The Wine Tipster

WineBerserkers — international wine social media, online community, and discussion. A forum community for those gone berserk over wine.

Sparkling Episodes

Wine Berserkers Zoom Session with Cedric Mousse of Moussé Fils
Play • 96 min
Cedric Moussé of Moussé Fils — fantastic session with a tour of the vineyards, town and winery, on an off road-capable Segway! Special guests include Brad Baker and Santa Rubens.

Wine Berserkers Video Livestream with Dominique Moreau of Marie Courtin
Play • 75 min
Dominique Moreau joins the Berserkers for a session on her wonderful wines (Marie Courtin) as well as visual aids including vines/leaves/clusters of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier

Wine Berserkers Zoom Livestream with Laurent Champs of Vilmart & Cie
Play • 90 min
Laurent Champs joins the Berserkers for a virtual tour and tasting at Vilmart & Cie, showcasing the new ‘tasting salon’, his stemware collection, and the cellar. Questions from the audience end a wonderful presentation.

Wine Berserkers Livestream Video Session with Benoit Déhu
Play • 109 min
Biodynamic Grower Benoit Dehu shares his passion with the Berserkers, spending time in his vineyard, taking us on a tour of the various plantings and vines, showing the differing soils, and ending in his oak cask room built using the stones from his land and where the oak used for the barrels is from his own forest!

Wine Berserkers Zoom Session with Mathilde Margaine of A. Margaine
Play • 90 min
One of the rising young stars in Champagne, Mathilde Margaine (5th generation) talks to the Berserkers about A. Margaine’s history, future, wines, organic farming, and grapes of their vineyards, most of which are sold to major houses.

Wine Berserkers Zoom Video Session with Bertrand Gautherot of Vouette et Sorbee
Play • 102 min
Bertrand Gautherot joins us (during his wife’s birthday party!) to discuss biodynamic farming as well as the documentary in which he and his daughter were recently featured. The documentary is not yet public, but will be soon!

Wine Berserkers Zoom Livestream with Benoit Marguet of Champagne Marguet
Play • 86 min
Benoit joins the Wine Berserkers on an exploration of his winemaking philosophy, history of the winery, and future of Champagne