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Champagne Radar

A. Margaine Special Club 2013

100% Chardonnay from Grands Arbres, Montmedy and Ruelles, 30% Oak fermented, 8g/ltr, d/g 1/20. Round, opulent and generous nose full of oyster shell, fresh orange peel. It really focuses on the top of the palate bringing a light dusting of sea salt. The first sip perfectly captures all those notes and adds a vivacious and gripping edge. There is so much energy with a lovely, playful dough note.

As the wine opens there is yet more chalky substance eeking its way out bringing along with it blackcurrant and gooseberry notes. And with that a brilliant lift in juicy white and yellow flesh fruit bringing kumquat and lemon rind right to the mid palate. Then a second wave of delicious toastiness and this bristling and zesty end note.
The finish wraps itself up in the acidity that you expect from the vintage and brings back all that yummy oyster shell and orange peel.

Check that cork out too!? Now THAT is a cork! @mathildemargaine tell me more about it!?
Such a fantastic addition to the @sip_champagnes shelves! Go on, grab yourself a bottle and join Mathilde and I as we chat all things Champagne on IG live, Wednesday 23rd at 6pm GMT. More details to follow...
Peter Crawford