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Champagne Radar

Pol Roger 2013

I was impressed with the '12s from Pol so have been waiting to see what they can deliver with a slightly more Chardonnay focused vintage like '13.

Nice yellow gold colour.

Round, forward nose with generosity, dried fruit and plum.
The palate shows a fantastic interpretation of the vintage.

Good fruit upfront with a delicate toastyness. Nice chewy nature. As it opens it delivers some waffles, honey and lemon rind.

A very drinkable Pol with a well placed acidity that screams out for a bit of food!

With my slightly pedantic Champagne geek hat on I did keep on returning to the nose and finding a touch too much of an oxidative edge to it. The cork seemed fine and good for the age.
Now, I suspect we will find this blow off with time but these notes in a wine's youth always concern me a touch...

Thanks so much to the @pol_roger team for giving me a chance to taste this. I can't wait for the Chardonnay...
Peter Crawford