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Jacques Selosse Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs

Disgorged 12/04
Hurried along by my European friends and their whats app taunting (you know who you are!) I decided to visit my cellar and pull out something epic. Selosse is pretty special. I must confess it is not something that I have much of and the reason is simple. There are only a few occasions where I find reason to open one. This bottle was one of a case I bought some time ago. It needs air. A Burgundy glass like this from @riedel is the minimum!
Deep nutty gold. Plenty of tiny bubbles.
An intoxicating and complex nose full of rum, pistachio, black pepper, salt and demerara sugar.
The first sip is beguiling in its delicacy and then the wine lifts in an epic crescendo creating this sweet biscuit note alongside dried salt and rich tea biscuit.
It doesn't have the mid palate depth of slightly more modern Selosses but the force on the finish is another level and something that I really like. It brings so much primary fruit, blackcurrant and this liquorice note that is gorgeous.
As is so often the case with great wines it only really starts to show its real intent after an hour or so. The palate becomes richly textured and gains another 5 layers! Developing more engaging sweetness too.
God this is delicious!
Peter Crawford