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Some years ago Lanson brought a quietly epic little wine onto the market called Extra Age. It was a multivintage blend that captured all the yumminess of Lanson but with some more years under it's belt meaning it was less of that tight acidity and more of the luscious creamy richness.
For those who don't know, Lanson with age is monstrously good. Wines from the '50s and 60s, even some of the 70s (the 79 in magnum at my tasting was one of the best on show) are still showing unbelievably well so, Extra Age was a bit of a no brainer.

Sadly for Lanson it didn't quite hit the sales that they were looking for (although I think Nick @thefinestbubble still has some mags of 04/05/06!) so they have replaced it with this bizarrely named wine...

Le Black Reserve
2014 base, 45% reserve, 7g/ltr, d/g 7/19
Pleasantly biscuity nose with loads of cream. Nice complexity and yet ease with which you can drink it. Good crisp acidity with this lovely chalky, zesty mid and a nice touch of yeast.
I really liked the balance of this wine and it clearly will age well. I suggest you stock your cellars!

Le Blanc de Blancs
2014 base, 40%reserve, 7g/ltr, d/g 2/20
Smokey nose with hints of a slightly burnt vegetal note. A surprisingly dark entrance but plenty of tropical freshness and this lovely sweet touch to the finish. It doesn't quite have enough drive on the mid to late but otherwise it is well balanced.
I must confess I'm a touch sad that Extra Age has disappeared. It was a wine that I would have on occasions and it would always turn my head. Give me a few years and perhaps Le Black Reserve will do the same...
Peter Crawford