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Sushi 🍣 + 🍾 champagne = good or not?

Sushi 🍣 + 🍾 champagne = good or not? In my opinion, the question is not that simple. While it’s mostly rice and fish, you also deal with wasabi, soya sauce and pickled ginger that give you spiciness, saltiness and a bit of acidic taste from vinegar all at the same time. ⁣

Saltiness is simple, it’s the spicy taste that is the most complicated to handle. It stays on the palate, practically, making impossible the perception of anything else. And here champagne offers a nice option: as it is chilled, it calms down the hot taste of wasabi and refreshes the palate. Also, the bubbles rinse the mouth, reducing the spicy finish.⁣

However, I am not really a big fan of extra bruts or even bruts in this case. The reason is that spicy+salty+vinegar all together are simply killing such a delicate wine. And if there’s a “tannic chalkiness” then this mix makes it really unpleasant. Also, I’d like to have some vinous part that would give a structure to pair with a food (and sushi is a food after all). ⁣

So, as much as I don’t really like demi-sec champagnes, I found a really nice option for me - “Cuvée Fraindise” by Jean Vesselle 
@champagnejeanvesselle. I’ve already made a post about their “ordinary” rosé de saignée, but this one goes really well with sushi. ⁣

Being 100% Pinot Noir from Bouzy, it’s opulent/vinous for sure, very suitable for as a gastronomic wine. Unlike some other horrible demi-sec champagnes, where sugar is used to hide the low-quality, in this case it’s here for balance. The acidity is still present, refreshing the palate, while the sweet part takes a perfect care of the hot wasabi+ginger taste. Needless to say, all the advantages of chilled wine and bubbles that I was talking above are there too. ⁣

And look at the color and bubbles: it’s something between rosé and red wine, more like a cherry and pomegranate juice. I was going to take more photos later in the evening, but, unfortunately, the bottle got empty too fast :) ⁣

Nice surprise, highly recommended!⁣

❓Any champagne you like with sushi?