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Julien Prelat

Julien Prelat
Based in Celles sur Ource, the village famed for Cedric Bouchard, Pierre Gervais and Brocard Pierre he produces a selection of cuvees expressing the 3 grape varieties nicely from some of the most interesting plots in the area.

I took some time to explore the range and dig deep into what they brought across.

D/g 4/20, Presle vineyard
A really precise nose with orange peel and a delightfully creamy texture. I felt it was lower pressure? A very delicate and precise little touch of salinity on the mid carries its way through creating this succulent and drawing mid to late palate. Really refined. Notes of confected lemon peel.

Pinot Noir
D/g 4/20, Chantemerle vineyard
Light gold and a delicately perfumed nose. A very soft entrance with blackcurrant, dried red fruits. Again, a very soft mousse. Spicey, luscious mid with just enough sweet fruit on the tip. Nice precise touch with a good layer of spice and bitterness. The palate links up nicely. Of all of them, this needed the most time to reveal itself.

Pinot Meunier
D/g 12/19, Les Vignes Basses vineyard
Sweet, fruity nose. Confected orange and red fruits. It feels a touch one dimensional and shortens on the finish.

Gourmandise Rose Brut
Salmon pink with a hint of cherry. Lateral nose. Maraschino cherry. Good tannic structure and impact. Violets.

Les Reines 2016 Brut Nature
D/g 3/20, 100% Chardonnay, 0g/ltr.
Nice nose. Touch of burnt toast and sweet vanilla. A lift of exotic fruits but it remains tight throughout. Hints of liquorice. The toast comes forward on first sip and adds loads of black pepper and hints of honey with tobacco.

The finish however just feels too dry and disconnects the wine. Even after a few hours I struggled to piece the wine together but enjoyed the palate as it opened giving mango, passion fruit and a nice smokey note.

These are some interesting wines with complex layers to them. I will be fascinating to see how they hold up with time and what more can be brought out of each parcel.
I was drawn to the Chardonnay which seemed the most complete and balanced wine of the range. This is one to keep an eye on...
Peter Crawford