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After the fantastic tasting with Mathieu the week before last I had shouts of anger from my followers asking where the Sous Bois was! Moments later a bottle arrived in the post, along with the stunning '07 Louis Salmon Blanc de Blancs and a mini tasting was born.

Cuvee Louis Salmon
D/g 10/18.
I have always loved the Blanc de Blancs from Billy (both the NV and the vintage). 2007 was a very agreeable year for Chardonnays and this style along with the vintage creates a very charming, very drinkable wine.
The nose is super playful with this chalky, floral and confected element.
The palate carries the chalky tension and adds some lovely spritzy energy. Hints of fudge, lemon meringue pie and this delightful little oxidative play creates a warm enveloping lateral palate.
This shows a brilliant balance between freshness and maturity and is so gorgeous to drink right now!

Brut Sous Bois
A nice balance and placement of oak with plenty of exotic fruit and salt. There is good impact on the palate, hitting it with good weight and a dry, toasty structure. Intense, spicey, rich.
When this cuvee was first released I must confess I found it rather unbecoming of the house of Billecart. The oak felt totally out of place, rather cumbersome and far too heavy. Over the years the wine seems to have found its way (or perhaps I have!?) and with this release it ticks all the boxes. Creating a nicely balanced, brilliantly weighted wine with a good bit of fire in its belly!
Peter Crawford